MSC Career Assist - Executive Placement Coaching

There are many reasons that organisations and individuals may consider using MSC's Career Assist Services but having a personal employment coach or mentor can add value to any job search. Equally keeping that all important confidence high, knowing you are doing the correct things in getting the next senior appointment, not just the next job.

At MSC we pride ourselves on providing specific tailored Career Assist Services to match exactly what our clients require. Our highly experienced executives who provide these services and come from very senior positions across key sectors and therefore understand today'srequirements for both candidates and future employees.

Career Assist Services

In today's marketplace more highly talented individuals find themselves looking for the next role and sometimes need that coaching to make differentiation to their search and get success and choice as quickly as possible.

If you are a graduate, MSC provide a first port of call to assess your career needs and deliver access to a multitude of career resources, including job specific information. As an experienced or newly qualified graduate, one thing is for sure and that is you are in a marketplace that moves quickly, it’s going to be a challenging time and having as much professional assistance as YOU want makes all the difference.

Alternatively you may be a highly experienced Executive that has been at the most senior position in an organisation. You may have been in employment for a considerable time and have just begun thinking about redrafting and updating a CV and preparing yourself for a new post. We are here to help you with your future career planning by offering a multitude of tailored advice.


  • What career would suit you?
  • Analyse your interests and find vacancies these relate to
  • Great Expectations – discover what employers expect from graduates
  • How to deal with competency based questions on application forms and at your interview
  • Employer aptitude tests – what to expect and how to approach them

  • Client assistance

  • How do you attack the marketplace?
  • Where do you look to get that next role at the same level?
  • How do you keep your confidence high during your search?
  • Is your CV ready and will it get read?
  • You are very experienced but how long is it since you’ve been on the other side of the interview table?
  • Are you looking for a career change?

  • Organisation assistance

  • Decrease disagreements and legal disputes
  • Provide support to those that are leaving an organisation
  • Show internally that your organisation care to those exiting
  • Provide a honourably high service to your exiting staff
  • Provide more time to the Human Resource department
  • Conduct exit meetings

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